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Elevated Stainless Steel Dog Bowls - Adjustable

Elevated Stainless Steel Dog Bowls - Adjustable

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Often, we simply place the dog bowl on the floor when feeding our pets. This can be uncomfortable for your dog and cause back and neck problems, especially if you have a larger dog as they have to bend down to eat. CshidWorld dog feeding bowls makes it easy for your dog to access their food as it adjusts in height according to your pet's size. Now, your dog no longer needs to bend over while eating.

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1.3 L Large Capacity Dog Food Bowls
Includes two stainless steel bowls with a 7.9-inch diameter mouth and 5.3-inch diameter bottom. Each bowl stores 1.3 quarts of food or water, suitable for cats or dogs to eat throughout the day to prevent overfeeding.

Ideal for All Growth Stages
CshidWorld Adjustable dog raised bowls grow with your dog from puppy to senior. The dog bowl stand can be adjusted to 5 height: 3.2-inch, 8.7-inch, 9.8-inch, 11-inch and 12.2-inch.

High Quality and Durable
The dog bowls stand are made of high quality ABS plastic, not easy to be damaged, more suitable for pets; 2 bowls are made of high quality stainless steel, extra thick and dishwasher safe.

Brand: CshidWorld
Material: Food grade stainless steel and ABS
Bowl Size: 7.9"(Diameter) x 2.4"H
Bowl Capacity: 1.3 quart / 42 oz
Adjustable Heights: 3.2", 8.7", 9.8", 11", 12.2"
Color: Black

Package Contents
2x Stainless Steel Dog Food Bowls
1x Bowl Stand

  • 5 Adjustable Heights Dog Bows Elevated Dog Bowl for Large Dogs is carefully designed with 5 different heights for all life stages to accompany your dog from puppy to adult. Adjustable heights of 3.2", 8.7", 9.8", 11" and 12.2", providing your dog with the most comfortable eating position. Make it easier for your dog to eat and drink without having to keep their head down to the ground.
  • Minimizing Neck and Joint Strain Adjustable dog bowls stand promote healthy digestion in pets without them having to bow their heads dramatically to eat, helping to minimize bloat, neck and joint stress at feeding time for all of our four-legged friends - including small dogs and cats, senior dogs, and pets with conditions such as arthritis.
  • Anti-Slip Design There're anti-slip pads on the feet for elevated dog bowls stand, so that the dog bowls stand won't slide or scratch the floor. In addition, it prevents your furry friend from moving the elevated bowl around while eating. Shallow raised sections around the perimeter keep water and food from spilling on the floor.
  • Easy to Clean The dog food bowls is easy to clean, just wipe it clean with a damp rag. In addition, the 2 bowls are made of high quality stainless steel which is very durable and dishwasher safe. The elevated bowls sit inside the frame so your dog can't knock it over. The elevated pet bowls are the perfect partner for your pet's eating.
  • Foldable & Easy to Install The dog bowls for large dogs is easy to assemble without any tools, and also simply too removed and folded for clutter-free space storage when not used. It is a very user-friendly elevated dog bowl. Suitable for use indoors, outdoors or while traveling!
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